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Olive & Olive, P.A.
From websites to architectural designs, from artwork to computer programs, from the oldest technologies to the newest, the Olive & Olive team protects creative works and prevents their unauthorized use by others. Whether our client is the creator of the work or the company that uses it, Olive & Olive provides advice, guidance, and protection. 

Part of our copyright counseling is educational: when feasible, our professionals create customized templates and teach clients how to prepare and file their own applications for copyright registration, so that in situations involving similar types of works, clients can avoid unnecessary legal fees. We also train our clients in the ramifications of copyright law and ownership issues, so that appropriate documents transferring or licensing rights can be prepared and signed at early stages of the work rather than after problems arise. Again, where feasible we prepare templates that our clients can use in repetitive situations - model releases, for example, and agreements with content providers, software developers, and customers. 

We also draft, file, and prosecute applications for copyright registration; prepare and negotiate licenses and other contracts; and assist our clients with commercialization of their copyrighted properties, both in the U.S. and abroad. If disputes and litigation arise, our experienced litigators evaluate the situation and provide top-quality representation.