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Our head litigator was out of state when the call came: our client was being sued for infringement in California. Quickly the team assembled in person and remotely. Our own complaint was drafted and filed the same day. Turned out the other side had talked prematurely. Because we met the challenge, the suit went forward on our client's turf and our client's terms.

This situation was unique to one client, but the responsiveness wasn't. At Olive & Olive, when a client has a problem, we are ready. Proactive when possible, fast-acting when needed, our team of experienced litigators evaluates the situation, recommends an approach that's consistent with the business interests involved, and follows through. Where mediation or other alternative dispute resolution is appropriate, we know what to do and how to prepare for it. We pursue those who infringe the marks and trade dress of businesses and universities. We defend our clients when they are accused of infringement. We sue for, and defend against, claims of patent infringement, sometimes involving a single patent and sometimes 20 or more. We have successfully litigated in areas ranging from lighting to food products, from computer software to bacteria. We handle copyright claims involving infringement of building designs, website content, computer software, music and other arts, jewelry, advertising, and more. We pursue and defend alleged trade secret thefts.

In short, we provide comprehensive litigation services in all areas of intellectual property, in the United States and abroad: patent, trademark, copyright, licensing and other contracts, and related areas including trade secrets, antitrust, RICO, franchising, and unfair competition. We do all this with an efficiently sized team, combining seasoned experience and technical savvy with state of the art technology. Through it all, our goal is to obtain the result that fits our client's objective.