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Olive & Olive, P.A.
The patent attorneys and other professionals of Olive & Olive transform great ideas into tangible rights. We work with a comprehensive range of scientific and industrial technologies, including biotechnology, microelectronics and chip manufacture, software, electronics and robotics, pharmaceuticals, medical and surgical devices, optical devices from lasers to lighting, textiles, "green" products and waste management, mechanical devices ranging from boat components to packaging machines, financial and investment products, and new business methods in these and other areas. 

Our patent practice incorporates patentability searches, patent applications, and patent prosecution both in the United States and overseas. We can enter the international filing system directly in the United States, initiating virtually worldwide patent protection in a single application. In addition, Olive & Olive works closely with a network of foreign colleagues, carefully selected and developed over the past five decades. 

We don't stop with patent prosecution. We work with our clients to help them develop business strategies and commercialize their inventions, deciding what should be protected as trade secret and what should be patented. When appropriate, we perform state-of-the-art searches, competitive analysis, freedom-to-operate opinions, and all other aspects of intellectual property due diligence. We assist with contracts and licensing negotiations, from joint development agreements at the onset of a collaboration, to transfers of rights after inventions are made. We help select and protect trademarks to identify the inventive products and services, and copyrights to protect advertising literature, associated websites, and other creative aspects of the invention and its commercialization. If disputes arise, we offer experience in the Patent Office's reissue and re-examination processes, mediation and other alternative dispute resolution processes, as well as litigation. Like our clients, we have a bottom line: providing premier intellectual property services grounded in practical business sense.

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