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The Trademark Team at Olive & Olive recognizes that our client's good name may be their greatest asset. Brand recognition and advertising, whether in traditional media, on store shelves, or in cyberspace, drives sales. Our professionals know how the system works, know how advertising and marketing work, and know the importance of protection. 

We opened the first trademark practice in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina and provided trademark advice and information to universities, businesses, lawyers, and governmental bodies from the North Carolina Secretary of State to the General Assembly. Today we actively manage more than twenty-four hundred client brands-not just words, but everything from bottle designs to visual images and domain names, and from business brands to university and tribal logos. 

Trademarks are not an afterthought at Olive & Olive. From the moment a client considers a new business or a new product line or service, we are there. We help select marks and trade dress that will stand out in the crowd and avoid infringement issues, and protect the marks and images once they are selected. We provide advice and counsel on brand identity, trade dress, and packaging development. We help protect the copyrights in packaging, advertising, websites, and other materials that are developed to support the brand. We provide counsel on issues in advertising and sweepstakes law, and cyber law. 

As markets develop, we assist with licensing - from franchising (whether as franchisor or franchisee) to traditional royalty arrangements-with the know-how that looks out for pitfalls and the guidance that helps our clients reap long-term rewards. If infringement occurs or is threatened, we offer experience in the Trademark Office's opposition and cancellation procedures, domain name resolution, mediation and other alternative dispute resolution processes, as well as litigation

Through it all, our clients find that we couple our legal acumen with a very practical business sense, focused on the bottom line. Trademarks are a business asset: we treat them like one.